Incorporating exercise into our increasingly busy lives is often one of the stumbling blocks to achieving our health, fitness and well-being goals. Sometimes lack of confidence, motivation or a negative perception of exercise or fitness levels also contributes to not fulfilling our potential.

Personal Training with me offers the solution to overcome these barriers. Being Level 3 REPS (Register Of Exercise Professionals) Diploma qualified I have achieved the highest level for personal training. This is reflected in the knowledge and experience I pass onto my clients.  I am an excellent motivator and an expert at creating individual programmes specifically designed to be challenging and enjoyable. So whatever your fitness level or goals I will help you to reach and exceed your targets.

Flexibility is key to sustaining a fun and pleasurable exercise regime. So the location of training is your choice – at my studio in Blackheath, your home / office or outdoors – or a combination of all three. Training can also be individual, for couples or for small groups – again offering flexibility and a choice to suit you.

So while an exercise regime is imperative, I would also encourage you to attend a bespoke dietary session. Here I will analyse your normal food consumption, suggest meal plans and arm you with the nutritional know-how to ensure you really reap the rewards of your effort and commitment. No fad diets, just small lifestyle changes and sustainable healthy eating for life. For more information <click here>

To enable me to design a safe and effective programme a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ) must be completed. To download please <click here> 

Results and Benefits

- Weight loss 
- Reduction of body fat 
- Increased muscle tone and strength 
- Improved cardio-vascular (heart and lung) fitness 
- Reduced stress 
- Reduced cholesterol levels 
- Reduced fatigue and lethargy 
- Reduced blood pressure 
- Improved body shape 
- Improved energy levels and stamina 
- Stronger immune system and ability to fight infection 
- Decreased chance of future health problems 
- Long term exercise adherence and healthy diet 
- Increased confidence 
- Increased sex drive 
- Physical and mental well-being 

Price List   
Prices stated are based on an hour session but programmes can be any length from 30 minutes to 2 hours to fit into your schedule.

One-on-One Training
1 x 1 hour session - £55 
4 x 1 hour session - £210 
10 x 1 hour session - get 1 free (11) - £550 

One-on-Two (Couples) Training
1 x 1 hour session - £70 
4 x 1 hour session - £260 
10 x 1 hour session - get one free (11) - £700

One-on-Three (Group) Training
1 x 1 hour session - £85 
4 x 1 hour session - £300 
10 x 1 hour session - get 1 free (11) - £850 



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