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“Bootcamp is now an essential part of my week. Shenda keeps it varied and fun. I can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone who wants to boost their energy levels and lose those muffin tops! Friendly welcoming group too - just keeps me coming back for more.”  
Vicky, Blackheath

“Shenda is an inspirational personal trainer. From the first moment I worked with her I felt completely confident that she understood my goals and that she would be able to help me achieve them. I find our sessions fun but focused and what I particularly like is the way she takes the time to explain the why's and how’s of the exercises - so that I know how to make them more effective. In a really short space of time I found I was running quite easily for much further than I ever thought I would. I was also lifting heavier weights and most importantly - enjoying it! Shenda progresses me constantly, is motivating, encouraging, completely professional and a pleasure to work with."
Adela, Blackheath

“Since joining Shenda’s bootcamp classes, my fitness level has gone up considerably! I feel the sessions are very personal in a positive way. She gives me great advise about different exercises to suit my body shape and how to achieve my goals.”  
Raj, Blackheath

“Even after the first session with Shenda I felt parts of me that I didn’t know existed!"  Sonia, Blackheath

“Going 3 times a week to Shenda’s bootcamp has been great. I love the fact that she tells you WHY you are doing each exercise or stretch, it gives a purpose to doing it. Also the sessions change day to day so you don't tire of doing the same routine. I highly recommend it, its great fun.”  
Tara, Eltham

“I thoroughly enjoy my group training sessions with Shenda. I feel safe in her hands and I am pushed to my personal limits. She explains each exercise and the impact it is having on my muscles. It is interesting, fun and hard work!”  
Tiffany, Greenwich Millennium Village

“Men that are sceptical about getting a hard workout at Shenda’s bootcamp need not worry. Shenda makes sure you work to the peak of your ability by adapting each exercise to suit your personal fitness level. She has encouraged me to push up hard during a press up so that I clap before my palms reach the floor again. No mean feat - especially when the person next to you is doing the basic box press up… It’s brilliant how Shenda ensures a diverse group of people all have fun with everyone building up a sweat.”
Ivor, Blackheath

“The fun and informative antenatal PT sessions I had with Shenda enabled me to feel strong and confident through my pregnancy, empowering me towards having my quick and natural delivery. Now her (also) fun and varied bootcamps have got me safely back into shape whilst giving me stamina and energy – much needed for my new sleepless nights! Thank you Shenda”
Emma, Greenwich Millennium Village

“Pilates with Shenda has changed so much for me – not only am I stronger and more toned but it has worked wonders for my back and hip, with which I have suffered greatly for years. Shenda is fun, encouraging and dedicated, I couldn’t ask for anything more”
Avalon, Greenwich

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