Remember that old wives’ tale, ‘Abs are made in the kitchen’? Well this one really does stem from fact…

However hard you train, if your nutrition is poor, you will never achieve the results you want. This is why I encourage all my clients to do a dietary consultation at the start of their health and fitness journey with me. Whatever your goals – weight loss or gain, increased energy, muscle building and strength, improved stamina or endurance for a long haul event, your eating habits will have a massive impact.

I like to keep things simple – no fad diets that ultimately see you piling on the pounds once you stop (we are not cavemen after all!). My proven approach? Just clean, nutritious, balanced, sustainable eating for life.

Initially, our bespoke nutrition one-on-one will arm you with dietary know-how so you can make educated decisions about the food you eat and how it will affect your body. You will learn how food groups are broken down, which ones the body prefers for fuel and which ones for repair of tissues. An understanding of GI (Glycemic Index) and the impact different types of food have upon it will be addressed amongst other things.

To support this knowledge, meal plans and timelines will be suggested alongside portion awareness and key cooking tips and recipes. Analysis of your 3 day food diary will follow, offering strategies that will fit easily into your current consumption patterns. This is about quick wins and longer term planning that achieves results you will want to adopt forever.

Exercise and nutrition really do go hand in hand…

If you would like to book a consultation that includes a take home fact sheet, there is a one off fee of £55. It can also count of one of your personal training sessions if a discounted block has been purchased. And don’t forget I’m just a phone call away if you fall off the wagon and need some complimentary support!





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