Pregnancy and new motherhood are rewarding yet demanding times, both physically and mentally. Your body is experiencing great change and your mind is adapting to a totally new way of life.

Carefully planned exercise during pregnancy offers multiple health benefits for mum and bump, and eases the impact of these changes by strengthening your body to cope with what is to come.

As a mother of two and a specialist in ante and post natal exercise, I fully understand the rigours of parenthood and the positive impact exercise has at each different stage. This expertise and experience is reflected in the programmes, service and support I deliver to my clients.

During pregnancy, I will work with you to maintain your fitness and help you achieve a controlled healthy weight gain. Remember this is not the time to be running marathons!

One of several key focus areas in our exercise regime will be to continually address your posture and pelvic floor strength. Your changing body shape and implications of carrying baby will put additional stress on these muscles. This leads to lack of balance, unnecessary ailments and aches and pains, especially in the back region, if left untrained.

Getting into shape after the birth is often greatly desired, but feels like too much of a challenge when wrestling with the demands of new baby. My ability to train you at home, or at a location of your choice, and around baby’s sleep pattern, gives you one less thing to juggle in your already very busy schedule.

As a qualified post natal personal trainer, our work outs will be fun but most importantly safe and effective. Your body and daily routine have changed once again, and a specialist programme is needed that a normal health and fitness regime would not address.

Hormones in your body lead to lax joints, so care must be taken with stretching and moving dynamically. Your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles require specific gradual training after the effort of carrying and delivering baby.  And functional exercises replicating the repetitive movements required to care for your new addition - squatting, lunging, lifting, holding - must be included to leave you feeling strong and able to cope.

With my specialist knowledge and understanding in the area of post natal exercise, you’ll be energised and looking great in no time at all - even if you are slightly sleep deprived!  Click here to read the benefits of Ante and Post Natal Exercise.  

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      Before undertaking any Personal Fitness Programme, clients must read and sign the Purpose and Explanation of Procedures.  To download please <click here> 
      To enable me to design a safe and effective programme a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ) must be completed. To download please <click here>
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